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Editorial requirements:

1. The abstract should not be longer than 3500 characters including spaces (including: author’s full name, affiliation, subject and key words).

2. The text should be justified, typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font size, with 1.5 line spacing (0 pt spacing); margins: 2.5 cm, no bold.

3. The text should be written in English in the following order:

  • author’s full name and affiliation
  • title of abstract
  • text of abstract
  • key words

4. The author’s personal data should be written in bold, normal front.

5. The author’s affiliation (degree or academic title) should be written in normal font, without bold.

6. The title of abstract should be typed in italics below the personal data.

7. There should be between 4 and 8 key words typed in italics and bold.

8. Deadline for submitting abstracts: 30 June 2021.

Abstract format


prof. dr hab. Jan Kowalski, Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

The concept of worker

This paper describes…

Key words: employee, employer, labour law, employment relationship, flexibility

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