On behalf of the organizers, the Institute of Labor Law and Social Insurance at the Faculty of Law and Administration of University of Rzeszów, the Department of Labor Law of the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Labor Law and Social Policy, we invite you to participate in the 1st International Scientific Conference “New Forms of Employment. Current Problems and Future Challenges”, which is scheduled for November 26-27, 2018 at the University of Rzeszów.

Under the influence of processes occurring in the contemporary world, such as globalization, the increase of competitiveness and the development of modern technologies, flexibility has become a desirable quality. In the field of employment, flexibility means the company’s (employer’s) ability to adjust the structure, number and qualifications of employees to the changing needs. The pursuit of flexibility affects the labor market and the model of employment. It leads to the development of new, atypical forms of employment, based on an employment contract or on other forms of contract, which more or less differ from the “typical” model of employment based on an employment contract for an indefinite period of time, involving work performed at the employer’s facilities in a specific time framework.

The development of atypical forms of employment in connected with various benefits but also dangers. The use of atypical forms of employment may lead to increased efficiency, competitiveness and innovativeness of enterprises, and as a result, of the whole economy, and have a beneficial effect on employees’ situation by helping them to achieve a work-life balance. On the other hand, atypical employment is more often related to uncertainty, instability and insecurity. Because of significant social and economic effects of the use of these forms of employment, researchers and national and international policy makers are keenly interested in studying them.
The conference will be an opportunity to exchange views and opinions and to present the results of research on new forms of employment. During the conference, the participants will try to determine and evaluate the opportunities and threats for the labor market resulting from the use of new forms of employment, and to determine how labor legislation should respond to the challenges connected with it. The participants will be scientists from Polish and foreign research centers, journalists, politicians and other people interested in the issue of new forms of employment.
Conference languages will be Polish and English. Presentations and discussions during the plenary and theme sessions will be interpreted simultaneously into Polish and English.

Task: 1st International Scientific Conference "New Forms of Employment. Current Problems and Future Challenges" is financed under the agreement 750/_-DUN/2018 with the support of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for the activities to promote and popularize the science.

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